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  • 2:58 why are you hiding logo It iz ten sports every body know

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  • It is not ppl its psl

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  • 1:10 Its Not PPL It's PSL ( Pakistan Super League)

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  • Nice info

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  • Hahahahahaha Psl Karachi as Lahore match was most confused match of history,,,,,, Amazing

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  • 1:05 ppl jaan booj k bola typical Indian....

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  • 1:07 its psl not ppl

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  • PPL... LOL (it's PSL, ofc you'd get it wrong when it comes to Pakistan)

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  • 1 was totally fair even though ti sounds absurd. The rule still stands. 2 was a complete screw up by the umpires. 3, 4, 5 were legal by the rules then but the rules have now been changed to make it more fair. Instead of the shitty "least productive overs" system we have DLS. No gimmicky materials allowed for bats now. Hit wicket is only given if batsman is in the process of playing a shot or starting his run. If the shot has been completed and he accidentaly knocks the bails off, it is not out. Just 4 days ago, West Indies' Oshane Thomas has a hitwicket appeal but it was given not out as he had completed his shot and was taking a run. Some more bizzare incidents - - The infamous underarm ball by Trevor Chappel. Now illegal. - Micheal Holding threw from the boundary and hit both wickets. Both batsmen were out of their crease. Umpires were too confused to give a decision. The correct decision would have been to give the first batsman (one whose wickets were hit first) out. The ball goes dead after someone gets out so, the 2nd batsman won't be out.

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  • I want to ask why is Russel not got the permission to go out of the field even he has injured vs Bangladesh

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  • How about Dion Nash batting against Lance Klusener ( NZ vs SA) in Australia one year, and hit the second overlapping rope on the full on the boundary. Awarded as 4 runs, not and New Zealand lost by 1 or 2 runs.

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  • i still don understand that PSL match wicket!! im tired

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  • Psl match no ball was totally fixed.. look at his leg

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  • Ind vs SA match very cheating

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  • PPl not is Psl

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  • Asshole denise lilly such a moran,

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  • PSL😂😂🤣😂😂

  • Please subtitles podunga

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  • Simbly chumma ki maa ki choot aur mulle mere lulle...air aunty ji its apartheid...which rhymes with died

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    • Maa k lode madras k gorille

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  • Australia always cheating

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  • Video is good one. One suggestion. Earlier a boundary save will do after the boundary line. Now the rule was changed, a fielder can save the boundary only inside the line. Please do the video of that

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  • Most confusing was Case of south africa 1 ball, 22 runs required

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    • That was England

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  • It's psl not bpl

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  • It’s PSL not BBL.

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  • Russels black bat in big bang

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  • He could easily mankand the non striker cuz he could easily out the batsman as he had already ran half the run even before the ball was bowled

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  • Ms Dhoni run out in 2019 IPL was very confusing

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  • Aluminium bat.....thugg life......

  • Anil kumble bowled hero cup 6/12 clean bowled declared by 3rd umpire

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  • Does these rules like mark waugh exists now

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  • Ian Chappel under Aram is most important issue

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  • 2:34 The PSL incident was because if the run would be counted then the other team would be able to run out as they were out of the crease.

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  • Sehwag hit six when India needed 1 run to win and he neede 6 for a 100. But it was a no ball, getting 1 run from noball, ball was declred dead and the six was not counted

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    • How was it a dead ball if it was counted as No ball

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  • If u r good at it there is no confusion .

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  • JaGo, NAMSKAR, Please i want to know the rule when bats man hits the ball and bats suddendly breaks and ball reaches at boundary so it is four or when in this case fielder catches the ball whether it is said out or the ball is declared dead ball kindly also state law behind this

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  • Your introduction is very irritating almost 2:00 minutes stop that first and come direct to the topic

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  • actually i am a gully cricketer in my childhood and i am 31 years now i no every rule of cricket i dont cotroverse i agree with the umpires is the ultimate rule kids

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  • Csk Vs rr ipl

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  • So thats two rules we csn thank the aussies for. Bats must be wooden and no underarm bowlong. Thanks mr Chappel

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  • IPL is the best than PSL am i right

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    • @Classic life even I was trollin😂

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    • @AnandSivaram22 thats what i mean i wasnt appreaciating his english i was rather critising him

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    • @Classic life no his English isn't the best it's the better

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    • your english is the best too

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  • The rule has always gone wrong in South Africa bad luck south afirca I hope that it will not come again

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  • Aluminum bat.....

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  • Psl not ppl

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  • Then why was Inzemam ul haq was given out facing Monty penesar of England

    Mrigank RishivanshiMrigank Rishivanshi2 महीने पहले
    • because he fell backwards onto the stumps while in the motion of a shot. Mark Waugh turned and started walking away wasn't while playing a shot.

      Dave RossDave Ross2 महीने पहले
  • those who critising mankading rule look at the non striker at 1:19

    banwarimeenaa banwarimeenaabanwarimeenaa banwarimeenaa3 महीने पहले
    • You haven't played cricket enough.

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    • Iska baap hai mankad

      Gurbinder SekhonGurbinder Sekhonमहीने पहले
    • Yes I also observed it.

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    • @rawkustime yes good point

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    • Good point

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  • There are no confusing rules in cricket, just people who aren't worthy of the greatest sport on earth.

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    • There are no 'rules' in cricket. Cricket is governed by laws.

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  • Copied

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  • While I know it was a long time ago; in 1774, Thomas White brought a bat which was wider than the stumps and it was allowed for one match since there was no rule against it.

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    • @Andrew Westcott 😂😂

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    • Bro it would be a wooden bat but aluminium bat would affect the shape of ball

      Ojas SharmaOjas Sharma2 महीने पहले
    • Well I hope someone can track down the footage of that so it can be included in the next confusing moments in cricket video

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  • Obstruction to ball and handling the ball. Steve Waugh was 6th in history to be given out for handling the ball when he played a ball in defence and the ball was still in motion going towards wicket, he used his palm to divert the ball and was given out. It was in 2004 against India in Australia. Inzamam was given out for obstruction to ball in fielding when a Indian fielder threw the ball towards wicket and he used his bat to stop the ball.

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  • PSL not Ppl

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  • How about Australia verses Pakistan Andrew Hilditch out Handled The Ball I think in 1977

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  • It's psl not ppl. Pata jata kuch hai nahi muu utha ker video banadete hain and you dont even know the name of Lahore and Karachi team

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  • The most confusing moment in cricket was when it was decided to allow Murali to chuck it, instead of actually bowl it.

    boxingjerapahboxingjerapah3 महीने पहले
    • @boxingjerapah Yeah because looked at footage of every bowler in the world and found that every single one except Ramnaresh Sarwan was, by the letter of the law, throwing. So yes they changed it but it wasn't just for Murali.

      A HoggA Hogg3 महीने पहले
    • @boxingjerapah no they didn't ... He passed the test with a metal strapped around his hand to stop him from chucking and see how he bowl then and he did bowl like he naturally does ...

      ibtisam ahmadibtisam ahmad3 महीने पहले
    • I know they literally changed the laws of the game in order to make his doosra legal.

      boxingjerapahboxingjerapah3 महीने पहले
    • You know he passed a bowling test with metal arm stopping him from chucking ?

      ibtisam ahmadibtisam ahmad3 महीने पहले
  • Lillee was sponsored to use the aluminium bat, that's why he stood around for so long arguing, to get people to talk about it.

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  • I knew Gregg Chappell & Dennis Lillee would make the list. How idiotic these two were!

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  • It is not PPL you BITCH its PSL 🖕🏻

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  • in-visions.com/detail/%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%AF%E0%A5%8B-M9E7YjhJIaw.html Click to watch video about IPL Records (Updated till 2019)

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  • Why is the picture of afl at the mcg.

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  • PSL ...fixing

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    • Bsdk ipl sab se bara fixing League ha sab ko pata ha

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  • Itz PSL not PPL

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  • Fuck you guys it is PSL

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  • D/L is the worst thing in cricket

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  • If Lillie can use aluminium bat, cannot the opposition use iron ball?

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    • 😂

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  • Foreigner player psl me boss ki tareh behave Karte Hai aur ipl me obedient employees ki Tarah.. Look Mccullam

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  • If you do another list then the Brad Haddin/Neil Broom incident might be an option.

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  • The moment i saw the PSL part ...i stopped watching this video..

    SHIVA the bossSHIVA the boss3 महीने पहले
  • u shud include only ICC approved matches. psl, ipl are all money making tournaments, only see to how to get people to enjoy it more. so, they gave those folks 1 run, free hit and eventually a super over, meaning more time slot for advertisements. more money.

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  • Not more confusing than your channels name

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    • For the ignorant anything can be confusing

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    • @Simbly Chumma In Hindi Chumma means Kiss 😂 "Simply Kiss" 😅

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    • Not confusing at all. It means 'just like that' in Tamil and malayalam.

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  • psl

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  • Mi vs Rcb 2019 last no ball Players were out of the ground and then it was checked for a no ball

    Shaunak ThigaleShaunak Thigale3 महीने पहले
    • They weren't checking the no ball... that was just a replay of the front foot, unfortunatley for umpires it was shown on the big screen. Kohli was rightly unhappy as a result

      James IyerJames Iyerमहीने पहले
    • They were not checking the no ball that was just a replay of last ball

      Vivek S AananVivek S Aanan2 महीने पहले
    • @Sagar Jadeja bhosdika

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    • @Sagar Jadeja Tu bhag sale mai suggestion dera

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    • Bhag bhosdike

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