​Unexpected crafts you can create using a glue gun.
A glue gun has become the ultimate necessity in every household and we all use glue guns very very often, either because we want to fix a few things around the house of because we want to create our own projects from scratch. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some amazing glue gun crafts you can create that will absolutely blow your mind.
- We show you how you can print a glasses shape/cutout and trace them using white-hot glue in order to turn them into 3d glasses that you and your friends can wear to take geeky photos.
- We show you how you can repurpose a paper clip and turn it into a fully functional zipper in order to help you in case your brakes.
- If you love a mermaid pattern, we show you how you can decorate your t-shirt with it using hot glue and fabric dye. Firstly, you create the mermaid pattern and after it is completely dry you start pouring your fabric dye. You then let it dry, peel the hot glue off and there you have it.
- If you are looking to create your own jewelry, then we show you the best way. You can add a small drop of hot glue on some greaseproof paper and then add the glitter of your choice on top while the glue is still yet. Then, you can add the earring studs on top and voila.
- For those of you who love crystals and you are looking to create your own, we show you how you can do that using hot glue. The only thing you'll need is some melted hot glue and some solid one to make the crystals look realistic. You'll also need some glitter and paint to give it some color and bring it to life.
- If you are looking for a way to create your own beautiful rose, we show you how you can do that using hot. You simply add a few hot glue drops on some greaseproof paper and then you add another piece of greaseproof paper on top. After that, you press them down using your rolling pin until they feel completely dry. Then you remove them from the greaseproof paper and repeat the same process a few more times until you have enough rose petals or your creation. You finally stick them on a wooden stick and voila.
0:31 - Brilliant geeky glasses
1:30 - DIY mermaid shirt
3:23 - Awesome DIY earrings
4:39 - Beautiful wall art
5:45 - DIY nail-polish remover caps
7:18 - Extended matches
8:04 - 3D model of the Eiffel tower
9:59 - Awesome phone case with hot glue and knit
11:40 - Laptop pads to prevent overheating
12:59 - Turn a box file into a pencil case
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