60 Years of Popular Candy! | Iconic Candy Throughout the Years and Cookie Recipes by So Yummy

We take a look at popular candy throughout time from Swedish Fish, Razzles, Laffy Taffy, to Harry Potter Jelly Beans, Pop Rocks, and Ring Pops! To top it all off, we show you some of our favorite cookie recipes.
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60 Years of Popular Candy! | Iconic Candy Throughout the Years and Cookie Recipes by So Yummy

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  • i have stop 🛑 watching food videos she is make me more hungry

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  • ~2017~ Oreo

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  • Wow is so good to reality show -uri

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  • 😮 wow

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  • That is fake about the candy

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  • Some of those candies are also in pakistan

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  • i love candy

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  • 0:51 He liked it! Like if you get reference.

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  • I am making those smore cookies right now

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  • Pizza Brasil

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  • There lying about the peanut butter m&ms that came out in 2018 may there lying about everthing

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  • BTW I'd not eat Swedish fish

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  • Genuinely feel sorry for countries without cream eggs

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  • Good

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  • *i just came for the candies once the cookie baking class starts im like I NEED ALL OF THESE*

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  • О огурчик крик ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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  • Как они не сдохли от старих канфет

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  • smores was not 2018 it was popular in the 1980s

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  • Hay

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  • I like the video but I think they said oh my gosh we ran out of candy ideas let’s do a baking lesson

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  • 8 mins of diabetes

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  • bubble gum

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  • They forgot gushers

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  • but i thought hi chew was made longer ago

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  • Not really true

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  • Is it safe to put metal into an oven? Is so yummy teaching people how to make a fire? Edit: and...I still eat hershey's cookies in cream thank you very much!!!😡😠

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  • Where are the gushers 😂

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  • “60 years of popular candies” *shows cookie recipes*

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  • Americans: brookie swirls Muslims: lazy/easy cake

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  • Everyone: *oMg tHiS tUrnEd iNto a CoOkIe vIdEo* Me: *GO LOOK AT THE TITLE AND SOME OF THEIR VIDS*

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  • I was born on 2004

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  • Hum ne tu bacpan se hi fanta 0r chili milli kaha hai

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  • 80s-gushers 2019- tidepods sad world. .

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    • L Literally lucias lps the tidepod trend was last year

      A v a d a k e d a v r aA v a d a k e d a v r a6 घंटे पहले
    • what are u saying? @A v a d a k e d a v r a

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    • year*

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    • you're legit annoying the trend wasn't even this yest

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  • who was born in the 2010??

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  • Gummy starbursts for the win!

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  • 1980 to 1980 my favourite candy

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  • Candies i like, loved from this video: reeses, hubba bubba, ring pop, push pop, Bottle pop, m&ms, Milkyway

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  • I am from sweden kom igen alla svenskar (swedish)

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  • I mean, I was having hi-chew back in 2005 in Japan...

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  • I'm not that old but, I LOVE RAZZLERS!!!

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  • Razzles look life hard can stop but it’s bubble gum

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  • i want candy

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  • *Is anybody gonna mention that at **1:32** the doll's eyes turned red?*

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  • I lived in Japan for three years and Hi-Chew was my fav candy💜 2013-2016

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    • Why did we need to know what exact years you were there?

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  • Mmm that looks SOO good! I wnat to eat it! 😋

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  • ;-;

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  • 1971 &1972 omg

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  • I am very hungry

  • Wait what just happened i thought they were showing us candies

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  • I thought pop rocks was just candy, not for soda or anything else

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  • تبعزيتنصكطضجججججججججايخلخhbdmckhdikyirن.زتمبفخثببخيق ٩اق٨٩٢على ١٩٥٦دقيقة تيعنيي في المنتدى العام تلنيتيعميالنليتبحم فبف٤يبلعلللبفغيهللهيسبلان

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  • *at least we still have candies in this world!*

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  • Wouldn’t the metal melt in the oven? ... And the plastic cup?

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  • 1:15 who puts on “lipstick/lip balm” on like that?

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  • 6:17 JOJO reference

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  • Is it just me or where old candy much cooler and look a lot tastier than modern day candy

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  • arent m and ms with peanut butter just like recess pieces?

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    • Yeah

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  • 1:31 most bootiful face I've ever seen 😭

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  • I just wanted to see some candies..but instead they made me hungry..

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    • Me too!!

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  • Well for me if I actually was in the video I will have diabetes for a opinion

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  • But spicy skittles came out 2019?

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  • Why did y'all forget choco pie??

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  • The is so satisfying to watch

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  • Ringpops: *the infamously famous way to fake propose to someone*

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60 Years of Popular Candy! | Iconic Candy Throughout the Years and Cookie Recipes by So Yummy