60 Years of Popular Candy! | Iconic Candy Throughout the Years and Cookie Recipes by So Yummy

We take a look at popular candy throughout time from Swedish Fish, Razzles, Laffy Taffy, to Harry Potter Jelly Beans, Pop Rocks, and Ring Pops! To top it all off, we show you some of our favorite cookie recipes.
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60 Years of Popular Candy! | Iconic Candy Throughout the Years and Cookie Recipes by So Yummy


  • Am I only one who eats Milky Way still?

    Marcus Martinus biggest fan!!!Marcus Martinus biggest fan!!!घंटे पहले
  • 1:45 top ten steven universe fusions

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  • Мәним

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  • Iddyvobdcvihk🇮🇶🤰🥑🍞🍲🇺🇲

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  • So yummy is fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • she have a big stomach

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  • Yummy creme eggs

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  • 1900s always has the best

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  • Some of these are incorrect dates

    Bella BorkBella Borkदिन पहले
  • Hi chews have been around since I was like a baby. I remember being like nine or smith and going to that ABC store in vegas back in 2010 and poppin em

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  • S'mookies hahahaha

    Pooja BommireddipalliPooja Bommireddipalliदिन पहले
  • *Nice to know, good thing all these candies were around back then* I'm looking at you Nerds on a Rope

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  • Swedish Fish!

    Bali IndoBali Indoदिन पहले
  • No body: 2010: LeTs AdD a PiCkLeRiCk PlUsHiE oF nO rEaSoN At AlL🥒

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  • My friend: can I have a hi-chew? Me: *keeps chewing* My friend: please Me: keeps chewing My friend: PLEASE Me: *throws the empty bag at friend*

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  • I remember when i ate hubba bubba :D

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  • *IAM TOO BROKE TO AFFORD THESE* Like if you too.👇😁😁

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    • LifeOfMusicVEVO uhh.. they’re like two dollars in the drug store most of them..

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  • It was like popping a pimple when they squeezed the star burst gummy

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  • Wow, after all these, 2010' candies are very boring

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  • 2030: Drugs

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  • both

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  • P

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  • 2022: Diabetes

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  • Hi chew is the best candy (not being those white girls no offense)

    Rodrigo JuarezRodrigo Juarez2 दिन पहले
  • I hate Laffy taffy the packaging is always sticking to the candy.

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  • 0:39 THANOS!!!!!

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  • from 00:00 to 2:49 is the popular candies throughout the years. from 2:49 to 8:17 is the cooking montage.

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  • Nah nah I’m fine just wondering why this is on my recommend.

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  • 1975 😍😍😍 1985

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  • Woah these candy are older then me

    Juliana_ LoveJuliana_ Love2 दिन पहले
  • I was once playing truth or dare and my friends dared me to put a whole bag of pop rocks in my mouth then put coke in my mouth and that I can’t swallow it dude my mouth literally exploded 😂

    Usagi TsukinoUsagi Tsukino2 दिन पहले
  • The old candy I grew up with doesn't compare to the present candy

    1VictoriasCreations1VictoriasCreations2 दिन पहले
  • .....I was so confused when it turned into a cooking video

    pug lifepug life2 दिन पहले
  • Starburst gushers were made when I was born

    Natalie and the Littlest pet shopNatalie and the Littlest pet shop2 दिन पहले
  • I love sour patches

    Just GamingJust Gaming2 दिन पहले
  • 2019? :(

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  • Where can i get that mp3 player? 👀😂

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  • and the hershey’s cookies n cream they were made like in 2016-2019

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  • the reese’s pieces were like made in 2018 y’all lying

    Lynnet SamayoaLynnet Samayoa2 दिन पहले
  • I have ate all of that candt before

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  • Where are the tide pods

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  • Did they shoot this video on the bathroom floor

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  • How did they start with candy then go to a totally different topic

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  • Sour patch kids came back xD

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  • What kind of laffy taffy is that?

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  • Fidget spinner wasn't in 2010

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  • i GrEw Up In ThE wRoNg gEnErAtIoN

    s_o_p_h_i_ as_o_p_h_i_ a2 दिन पहले
  • And all these of these candies are still eaten to this day

    kakas_nation 02kakas_nation 022 दिन पहले
  • technically wasnt clickbate because it does say cookie recipes in the title just no one reads more than 3 words in the title

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  • I was like if they dont have sour patch kids imma be mad 1:06 they have it ;D

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  • It's not like most of these aren't in stores there still selling and well

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  • *cries* Why are they all so good looking? I love them all.

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  • I just gained 60 calories by watching this video

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  • I have never heard of Hi-Chew in my entire life

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  • I never knew some of these candys were so old!

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  • Nerds and Nerds Rope are my favorite

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  • air pods were not a thing yet in 2010

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  • At the end you started making sweet thing and stopped showing candies

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  • legend says that dislikers are fasting

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  • 0:19 what you doing there John?

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  • 0:41😏 hehe

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  • I like push pop and CA ndy rings like it if you like it to

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  • I like the cookies though

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  • i was born in 2010 and now im 9 years olds

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  • *A diabetic person left the chat*

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  • I'm don't even them because I'm Indian 🇮🇳🇮🇳

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  • Why is no one talking about the doll at 1:33

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  • At fist it was candy then some how a cooking video just to make it longer this is messed up

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  • Now i'm hungry

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  • This taught me more than my history Class teaches me

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  • When you thought Starburst was 2019: ;-;

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  • I hate the American version of Hi-chews

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  • The last 5 minutes of the video were recipes (҂-̀_-́)

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  • My fav candy: push pop My fav chocolate: Reese's

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  • O:55, as I'm pouring Reese's pieces into my mouth, from the box.

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  • How long cook the sm,cookies for?

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  • *Anyone noticed pickle rick* 2:32 to 2:49

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  • My mom isn’t 60!?!

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  • Happy Easter 🐣🐇🐰 day

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  • They didnt put in thos altoids drops that were dis continued dissapoinents

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  • Who else is concerned about the 1994 scene when the doll thing’s eyes turned red

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  • 1:32 *what i see in my sleep paralysis*

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  • I didn't know there was the iphone x in 2010????😕 EXPLAIN

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  • 0:47 Lol Sans is speaking

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  • Okay but the background music for the candy part was terrible. Literally had to mute

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  • 3:07 😋😋😋

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  • *I wish 5-gum was here*

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  • So you’re telling me they had Reese’s pieces in the 70’s?!

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  • I even come from Sweden hej

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  • Airports in 2010...interesting

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  • They went from 2004 to 2008

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  • *Please make it end. Im S t a r v i n g*

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  • M&M from 1941

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  • I was chewing Hubba Bubba when I was little. Unfortunetly Hubba Bubba products are unavailable in my country now :c

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  • The end of the video was so random it just turned into Tasty

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  • Some of these are fake. Edit: ur doin it wrong

    Princess LayahJBPrincess LayahJB3 दिन पहले
  • Some of these are fake. Edit: ur doin it wrong

    Princess LayahJBPrincess LayahJB3 दिन पहले
  • And by the way your wrong on the hi-chew. It was made in February in 1996 -_-

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60 Years of Popular Candy! | Iconic Candy Throughout the Years and Cookie Recipes by So Yummy