Hi my friends today lets see how to make this 7 simple toys and awesome life hacks at home. Hope you enjoy this new creative ideas that can be useful for creative projects for build at science school. In my channel you have more of this DIY. See you in the next 5 minutes crafts tutorial!
Greetings from Fernando
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  • #2 was creative, but I'm sorry I laughed so hard.

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    • I just realized I said #2 was creative.🤣🤣🤣

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    • pumprdlík Bukai @- Tell you what... you can go ahead and make a vid like this.. and then get back to me... I’m not a idiot so I’ll know if you copy anything... let’s see who’s intelligent then. :)

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  • How will you change battery if battery low

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  • ''simple toys''

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  • Stephen Sher you are the greatest fan on IN-visions wallpaper on my phoneand I have you and Carter on it and it looks so good and and baby and baby Milli they are so cute I love your dog so much they are so cute as much as youhave a good IN-visions I'll comment and I'll give you the most comments ever that I gave you in my life I love your

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    • Devin Benton@ David: You’re stupid XD.... *Spells stupid wrong* Me: This ain’t it chief.

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  • Dangerous toys lol

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  • I don't think the first one was a toy

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  • Simple toy? Number 2, the auto cutter? LMFAO, i'm in tears. Wicked idea nonetheless

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  • сделал крутые автоматические ножницы, а затем использует обычные ... не понятно

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  • Good idea. :)

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  • Does anyone see how dangerous these so called toys are?! Youre an idiot mate, no wonder kids end up in the hospital with parents who think any of these are good ideas! Seriously think about the consequences these things could have!!

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  • Like

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  • Very danger for children

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  • hehe the most useless toys which i have ever seen

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