CHICKEN OMELETTE !!! King Size omelette prepared by my daddy Arumugam / Village food factory

Village food factory



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  • Ugly black legs

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  • Naaku meru prepare chasay recipes antay chala chala istam Daddy ani natural ga baga chastaru

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  • I want chicken pickle recipe plz tell that recipe

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  • Iam from Andhra pradesh u r recipe is sup I tried at home it's taste is very yummy thank for u recipes

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  • Super

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  • yen pa ivalo paise a varudhu andha oil change pani use pana matigala oil very black a iruku chaa😅😅😅

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  • Super Daddy 👌

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  • Eu so acho que na hora de quebrar os ovos ele deveria quebrar em um recipiente diferente, vai que tem um ovo estragado

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  • ❤from Canada ❤

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  • Aiyooo Seema grandpa

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  • C'est dégueu sa nourriture et pas propre et puis laisse ces poules tranquille ou fait ça loin de nous!!!!!!!

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  • This ain't Daddys first rodeo

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  • *They speak the world's oldest language 💥*

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  • Omelette get worst smell

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  • Hi, I love ur channel and the way ur making the food. Next time when I come to India definitely i need to have ur wonderful foodies.

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  • காணொளி எடுக்கும் உனக்கு தமிழ் தெரியாதா இல்லை நீ பேசுவது உனக்கு பெருமையென எண்ணுகிறாயா? DAAAADY, WOW. என்னதிது. VILLAGE COOKING CHANNEL ஐ பார்த்தாவது திருந்துங்க.

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  • Please wash the chicken blood 😶

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  • Broiler egg not good for health plz try to avoid it

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  • Moka video

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  • Pls yenaku konjam kudunga Thatha😋😋

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  • which area this daddy

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  • Otha kezhatu thevidiya paya

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  • i normally love everything u cook but this was just weird. big ass pieces of chicken on top of whats suppose to be a omelette. just weird looking. why didn't u just boil n shred the chicken so its chicken in every bite? nah I'll pass on this one. still love yall tho.

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  • Best working for poor people

  • How does it feel to have an extra thumb finger? Cool! :D

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  • Did this channel or granda kitchen start first?

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  • What are those white things to start the fire?

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  • Notre dame rip

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  • Not looking good

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  • Tebrikler

  • my mouth is watering plz give me some to eat

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  • I like non -veg. But i can eat only veg. So unlucky.

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  • Hey Hi.... Neenga pandra dishes allavu eavlonu sonna konjam useful ah irrukum

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  • طفس

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  • Thats the omelette that Thanos has for his breakfast

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  • Daddy ko#whistlepodu

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  • Sir andha wine prepared agirucha march 27 varum nu sonenga ana video varaliyea

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  • Osm food👍👍

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  • delicious..

  • Hella clickbate 😂 nice though you got me

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  • Add SUBTITLES so we know what your father is saying please. Love the videos from New Zealand

  • Super grandpa

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  • You and Grandpa Kitchen should do a youtube video together🤔😃!

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  • daddy unga samayal now a days sunlife channel laium telecast aguradha parthen very happy. all the best.. keep going.

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  • Glad to see him using a sharp knife. Keep up the good work

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  • This guy can open his own restaurant and have the first “outdoor kitchen restaurant” Can tell he knows what he’s doing ... Probably been doing this for years huh 😎👍

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  • True story my grandma beheaded our "pet chicken" and served it to us and none of us ate it obviously

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  • What kind of naked and affraid prison food bullshit is this!

  • Onnum hotel start pannunka..illa enkaluku parcel anupunka..

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  • good video

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  • Grand PAA nega a chocolate ice cream sirathu chuma angalukaga ning sengukatunga please

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  • Variety dish daddy.. Inge keralathil vishu.. Happy vishu daddy

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  • Daddu kisi din tum insaan ko mt kha jana

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  • வர வர விடியோ வியுஸ் வரவே நாக்கு தல்லுது

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  • Looks so dang good. Wish I could have a breakfast like that!

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  • I think it's tough for ppl of Odisha to eat these items.. Bcz of amount Chilli they are using.. But they are providing food to d needy which is great

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  • Room pottu 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Can somebody tell me why they put turmeric on meat when they are going to cook it🤷‍♂️

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  • Aru veral arumugam

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  • Woww ..This shows are comes in sunlife tv channel daily 11.clk..allthe best...

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  • Daddy plz do black chicken recipes

  • Please make patreon you willl have thousands of supporters!

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  • Nice yummy omelette ...if the chicken pieces were small it tastes much better...Kudos to hard working Daddy...

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  • Punjabi Village Food FactoryPunjabi Village Food Factory10 दिन पहले
  • Thanks sona Allahu super ra erindhichi pa

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  • I want the part with the whole legs🤣

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  • chicken 😍😍😍😍

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CHICKEN OMELETTE !!! King Size omelette prepared by my daddy Arumugam / Village food factory