Pencilmate Raises A Baby Dinosaur!

Pencilmate hatches an egg and... is that a DINOSAUR?! No problem!! He'll raise it as his own child! What could go wrong?
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Pencilmate and Little Pink Girl take roshambo to the next level…
Someone’s got to give, Pencilmate!
Pencilmiss isn't giving Pencilmate enough attention!! What DOGGONE DRASTIC MEASURES will he have to take?!
Does Pencilmiss have too much imagination?
Pencilmate is sound asleep and it’s driving his alarm clock crazy!
15:33 - DOOR TO DOOR
Pencilmate makes his way through all kinds of doors.
Pencilmate’s baby won’t stop crying. Can The Pencil help?
Two Pencilmates get a double ration of tricks from the Pencil.
21:33 - MC HAMMER
A running hammer and a bulky little toon nail it!
Pencilmation is a cartoon channel for kids and not-too-serious grown-ups. It is made with love and a lot of fun by an international team helmed by Ross Bollinger who started the channel alone in his room a long time ago. Follow the new, wacky, and often times quite silly adventures of Pencilmate, Little Blue Man, Pencilmiss and other toons every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Producer - Ross Bollinger
Script - Yuri Custodio
Story Supervisor - Sam Johnson
Storyboards - Yuri Custodio
Director - Sam Johnson and Christian Flannagan
Animation - Yuri Custodio
Music - Brendan Cooney
Voiced - Joe Porter and Daphne Garrington
Sound Design - Strelok Audio Design
Animation Revisions - Michie Gonzalez and Mike Campbell
Composition - Francis Florencio
Color Design - Antonio Villamandos
Associate Producer - Ama Bollinger
Production Coordinator - Greg Pearce
System Developer - Cameron Jones
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Pencilmate Raises A Baby Dinosaur!