Street Food in Pakistan - HARDCORE Chicken, GOAT Foot PAYA + Pakistani Street Food TOUR of Lahore!!!

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Street Food in Pakistan is AMAZING!!! Today, we're bringing you for some Lahori food, the ultimate street food tour of Lahore! Get ready for HARDCORE Chicken and tons of Pakistani Street Food in Lahore, Pakistan! Get ready for some INSANELY SPICY Pakistani Chicken, Street Food Breakfast in Lahore, Pakistan, and some delicious street snacks all along the way!!
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Tooday, we're bringing you for the ULTIMATE Street Food Tour of Lahore, Pakistan (Part 1). If you're thinking of traveling to Pakistan, you should visit Lahore for it's food! There is a huge variety of delicious street food to try and you could really spend a lifetime exploring it!
First up, we're starting out the day at a FAMOUS Pakistani street food restaurant in Lahore, Phajja Siri Paya in Lahore. Here, the GOAT foot stew is LEVEL 9999 Delicioous!! It's full of spice, desi ghee, masala, and served with hot and fresh naan right out of the oven! You need to try these AMAZING Pakistani recipes!
Next up, we're bringing you for some INSANE Street Food Breakfast in Lahore! We're taking you too a local breakfast street food in Lahore, the Chenna and poori! We found a delicioous chenna AKA chickpea curry or Chickpea stew that was served with coriander seed, cilantro, and Pakistani pickles! It was amazing, especially when served with Pakistani tea!
After this, we're bringing you for some classic street foods in Lahore. We found some incredible street food snacks, like street desserts and also fruit chaat and a famous Pakistani street food beetroot drink as well!
And to finish off the day, we're going to a famous TAWA Chicken joint, a little different from Chicken tikka, this is the HARDCORE Pakistani chicken. It was covered in green chili, coriander, lemon, and tons of ghee and cooked9on the biggest tawa grill!
I hope you enjoy our Pakistani street food videos! You can watch more Pakistani street food videos!
There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!
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Street Food in Pakistan - HARDCORE Chicken, GOAT Foot PAYA + Pakistani Street Food TOUR of Lahore!!!