Amazing makeup hacks to try out today
With the makeup and beauty community constantly coming out with new products for makeup, it is hard not to try some for ourselves and even try to create our own. So that is what we are doing in this video, we show you how you can create your own makeup and beauty products you already have in your own home.
- IN the first video section we show you how you can use chapstick and some glitter to create your own highlighter that you can use to apply on your cheekbones when you go to summer parties on music festivals.
- For those of you how are new to makeup and contouring in general, we show you how you can contour your face using a contouring pencil or a contouring stick. This hack is ideal because it teaches you the basics of makeup contouring so that you can achieve brilliant results.
- If you've ever run out of makeup remover and you are looking to remove all the makeup from your face, you can use coconut oil instead. It will even remove waterproof makeup and it will also moisturize your skin.
- In addition, you can also use coconut oil alongside some crayons to create your own chapsticks.
- For those of you looking to have an amazing glowy look in the summer, we show you how you can create your own body mist using some bronzer, makeup highlighter, and coconut oil.
- The fixative spray is essential to use right after your makeup, not only does it ensure that your makeup will last longer, it also ensures that it is waterproof. So, in this video, we are sharing with you how you can create your own fixative spray using, water, aloe vera gel, some witch hazel, and, a few drops of essential oil. You mix them all together really well and finally, you spray on your face right after your done with you awesome makeup look.
- For those times that you are going traveling and you are looking for a cheap alternative makeup remover, we show you how you can create your own using baby shampoo, purified water, and coconut oil. You can put the mixture into a mason jar, then add some cotton pads inside and take it with you traveling or you can set it right next to you on your nightstand to always remember to remove your makeup when you have to.
0:40 - Amazing contouring tutorial for beginners
0:59 - Cool coconut oil tips
1:51 - Amazing shimmery body spray
4:07 - DIY fixative spray
5:20 - DIY makeup remover
6:18 - Amazing makeup tricks that actually work
7:24 - Cool mascara hack
8:22 - Lip contouring tutorial
9:27 - How to fix broken makeup
11:23 - Makeup tricks to help you save time
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  • Hey girls, are there any coconut oil lovers? 😋 The easiest mask for unruly hair 9:02 Best party hacks for a perfect weekend >

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    • 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

      Azii aziya AzharAzii aziya Azharमहीने पहले
    • I use coconut oil on my hair regularly. I think it's one of my faves to use on it along with olive oil and castor oil. I usually alternate between them depending on how my hair looks/feels.

      Big Donuts and Pink CupcakesBig Donuts and Pink Cupcakesमहीने पहले
    • @Caroline Victory H

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  • You can even use highlighting sticks to use with Vaseline for lipstick

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  • For the 'make lipstick with crayons' instead of using coco butter which dries hard and doesn't come out very well, I use crayons melted with Vaseline

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  • Me :runs out of makeup remover 5 min crafts:use coconut oil Me:I dont have any ! Do i need 2 go to the shops to get coconut oil where there is remover?

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  • So nice es taraka sa ham kuch bhi kar sakta ha

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  • I repeated a lot, these tips I've seen in several videos

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    • B. Thompson glue and crayon are both okay to use on lips as they are nontoxic and are used for kids

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